Saturday, February 24, 2024

Pizza Tote


This Pizza Tote has a theme picked quilting weight Cotton covered with Clear Plastic.  You can use any theme you like
Then, clear Plastic, in this case I used the lighter weight plastic.
I cut the clear Plastic the size of the cotton and topstitched close to the edge of the two on the rectangle so it would work as one piece of fabric.  I then, cut a piece of the vinyl or faux leather that would be bottom and top stitched it in between the two prints.  I folded the long piece in half so it would be the size I wanted the tote and stitched wrong sides together down the sides.

The square of the bottom pinch the bottom edge on each side  the same width and sew accross to make a straight edge trim and flip back out...   Then do the same for a piece of faux leather but higher so you can put inside and fold over and topstitch... then add handles.

Instructions with pictures on

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