Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Tote with a Matching Quillow

This Tote came first:

1.  Inside and trim and Handle is Vinyl

2.  Fabric on the outside is printed canvas which I printed on Spoonflower...my design and chose fabric to print it on

3.  Outside of the canvas fabric I covered with clear plastic

4.  Printed the same design on minky and made a quilt and put a pocket on the bottom to fold the quilt into-(Quillow)

5. Front and back is the same print on minky and inside is one layer of flat batting.

6.  This quillow I attached the pocket on the bottom center, whereas sometimes I put it on top of the bottom of the quillow. 

7.  Matching Lumbar and square toss in tote made with print on Velvet.  ALL Beautiful and washable!

Today I am working on a matching clothes hamper.



 TOTES We need totes every day.  I need one just to go to work.  When I go to the grocery or the Laundry, I might need 2 or more totes.  The...