Wednesday, October 19, 2022



We need totes every day.  I need one just to go to work.  When I go to the grocery or the Laundry, I might need 2 or more totes.  The fabric store, on a buying day, I might need 4 totes...RFLOL

My Fabric totes need a pocket on the front with a fabric Lady on the pocket.  If you are carrying your fabric with you to make things somewhere, you want to put your scissors and working supplies in the front pocket - separate from you fabric.  If you need to take a pattern or template, you might want a bigger pocket on the front of the working fabric bag.  In this blogger post I will show you making the front pocket on the bags.

This tote got an inside pocket with a zipper.  In this case I make the pocket first, by putting the zipper between two pieces of the lining fabric (vinyl) and the sewing the back of the pocket together and flippin in and the topstitching the pre-made zipper pocket on the finished bag.

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