A Wild Tote-Backpack-Duffle Combo

From G Street Fabrics Home Decorating Department The Animal Squares only-You Sew
Two loops on each side to strap as you want
Top Zipper Closure and inside loop for travel waist bag out of neoprene removeable How wide straps can be versatile using parachute clips

Beach Tote 2

Simple Tote Design, with netting pocket in corner and lined with vinyl pulled over to create trim and an extra piece of lining used to make the handle.  The starfish are Upholstery fabric covered with clear plastic Vinyl. Everyone needs face totes to put there Face things in There were three but one had to go with someone to the beach..haha Vinyl on the outside and in... Straps from lining Inside Vinyl and then Extra Became the straps

Beach Tote

This is 4 placemats...2 on each side sewn together for the fabric and covered with our clear plastic by the yard... then sewn to shape the tote.... lining is vinyl and used the same vinyl for the handles... handle grips and then 2 D rings on each side and an adjustable strap to go through the Ds The first of a set of 6 for luggage for beach trip
Swimsuits/Capris-tanks and Jackets/ Dresswear for Boardwalk and Dancing/Pants and Tanks/ Shorts and tops

Airline Carryon

Carryon has Tote Handles w/velcro shut side pockets
Removeable Shoulder Strapping with D rings to attach like belting Totally Supported by strapping before side pockets added Hard Cardboard in bottom covered by same faux leather Bottom Removeable if you only want a Soft Bag
Inside Totally lined with same Faux Leather

Sewing Totes Ideas

Those who know me realize I am not just about Totes....

I sew Clothes...

I work in a Fabric Store right now...

I blog about the clothes I make from the fabric
at G Street Fabrics in Rockville,

And customers at work ask about Totes all the time so.....
Here we have  for Ideas and general instructions...

If you want to take a class at the store, they have all kinds of classes but for totes theirs might be more elaborate and detailed than the ones I will show you I make.

Everything I make is fast and easy... and usually out of my head...


 Suitcase Totes, big and ready to go to the beach and cram in your car... each one carries a different category and type of clothing or utilities you may need on a trip A small tote is good for your relaxing and reading material, maybe fingernail polish and tourist materials Your walking on the boardwalk dressware tote might want a little jewelry p…